British weather makes UK ideal online market

British weather makes UK ideal online market

It’s another British bank holiday so the sun must be blazing down where you are right now, with the garden calling you and a bottle of Pimm’s with your name on it? No? It’s raining, really?

As sure as eggs is eggs, the British weather never fails to disappoint – but that’s actually a good thing for online marketing. Britain has the largest online market than anywhere else in Europe – and it’s thanks in part to the weather. If you lived in sunny Spain, or the South of France, would you spend all day indoors looking out of the window while browsing online? Of course you wouldn’t – but the UK weather makes online shopping not only convenient, but a lot more pleasurable as you don’t have to brave the cold and wet weather our country is famous for.

Of course, there are downsides to this stability with the weather. Whenever we get a spate of hot weather (which is rare, granted) online businesses suffer badly. We don’t get a lot of sun in the UK, but what we do get we like to enjoy – even if it’s still quite cold, which is why we Brits head for the beach at the first sign of a clear sky.

If you run a website you’ll probably notice from your website’s traffic statistics that your traffic takes a dip during periods of sun in the UK which, as we’ve already mentioned, are very few and far between.

So if it is raining where you are right now (and the odds are that it is) it’s good news for your website!

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