Britain to hit digital ad spend milestone

Britain to hit digital ad spend milestone

During 2015, it has been predicted that the UK will become the first country in the world where digital marketing will surpass all other advertising methods.

According to a report from Strategy Analytics, internet marketing efforts are being boosted by the widespread uptake of compatible digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

As such, of the 25 major economies studied for the paper, it was found that Britain will be the first to hit the 50% digital ad spend milestone, coming ahead of such vital markets as the US and Western Europe.

In the UK, the overall advertising market is worth around £8bn to the nation’s economy. Also, the study has estimated that overall British ad spend is to increase by 5.4% this year, which is believed to be about two-thirds faster than the growth reported in Europe and America.

Globally, just under a third (30%) of all marketing spend goes towards digital efforts, with the US only reporting 28%. The rest is spent on more traditional advertising methods, such as TV and newspapers.

However, non-digital ways of marketing have suffered of late, with it being found that print advertising revenues are expected to drop by 0.2% to £2.5bn. This may be indicative of the struggle that newspapers and magazines are going through to keep relevant in the digital marketplace.

A spokesperson for the Advertising Association, Ian Barber, told The Guardian that internet marketing methods allow smaller companies that would not be able to advertise via traditional means to be able to do so.

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