Brands interacting more with Facebook users, says research

Posted on August 5, 2013


A recent study has found that brand engagement with users on Facebook increased dramatically over the past year.

The research, conducted by Socialbakers, showed how company response rates with Facebook users rose by around 143% in just 12 months.

One of the largest increases came from the alcohol sector, with the response rates of booze brands rising from 4.9% to 38.2% during the period.

Top of the poll for overall engagement were airlines. According to the report, around 79.1% of public queries made via Facebook were answered. The finance sector came in second place, responding to 77.7 of queries.

Despite a number of car manufacturers running successful and engaging internet marketing campaigns via social networks, the automotive industry settled into bottom place, answering just 37.8% of Facebook users’ questions.

Socialbakers praised the brands falling into the top 10 slots on the list, calling them ‘socially devoted’.

In a list of the most responsive brands, Dutch airline company KLM grabbed the number one slot, while telecom firms Claro and Movistar came in second and third place respectively.

Overall, the list of top ten brands was dominated by the telecom industry. Other big names deemed socially devoted by Socialbakers include Orange, Telstra 24×7 and Personal Argentina.

Speaking about the results, Socialbakers said:

“It’s exciting to see that an industry that is subject to receive numerous customer questions rose to the occasion, providing great social customer care.”

The company went on to stress the importance of looking after its customers through social media platforms, adding that while it is essential, it’s not the only consideration when it comes to social marketing.

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