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facebook fixes

Zuckerberg declares he will fix Facebook

facebook fixes

Zuckerberg declares he will fix Facebook

CEO of social networking titan Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has said that he plans to “fix” the platform, stating that this will be his personal challenge for the year.

Each year since 2009, Zuckerberg has set himself a new challenge and this year is no different. Yesterday, Zuckerberg created a lengthy post on his page of the network saying that Facebook was making too many mistakes when it came to enforcing certain policies and helping to prevent the misuse of its tools by other users. The post in full is below:


Most social media platforms have come under intense scrutiny in the past few years for many different reasons. Facebook in particular has been under fire for fake news. The company has since tried to redeem itself by introducing a feature that allows users to flag a news story as fake.

Furthermore, Facebook has been accused of allowing Russian political ads to run, which allegedly influenced the result of the 2016 US Presidential election that saw Donald Trump triumph over Hillary Clinton.

As a result of the various problems the social network has been having, Zuckerberg has outlined a plan, which will see him focus on the “important issues”. These include protecting the Facebook community from online abuse, hate and cyberbullying, defending against state interference and ensuring that time spent by users on the network is time well spent.

Zuckerberg says that if he is successful in fulfilling his challenge this year, 2018 will end on a much higher note than it started on.

This could be the most difficult challenge that Zuckerberg has set himself to date. Previous challenges have seen him attempt to wear a tie for every day and learning to speak Mandarin. This challenge, however, is completely different and will require much more work than those of previous years.

However, some critics have questioned why Zuckerberg felt the need to set this task as a personal challenge for the year, when it is his responsibility to improve the network as CEO of the company:


Zuckerberg believes that setting this as a personal target and intensely analysing the site’s issues would help him to learn more about it than doing something separate. He also added that encryption and digital currency could be factors to help with the problems, and he would look into using them on Facebook. This suggests that bitcoin could soon become a part of Facebook.

Alan Littler
  • […] One of Facebook’s aims for the year is to get its users to post more updates that are personal to them and those they are connected to, as this is one of the core aims of the business. This was highlighted by company CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the beginning of the year, when he also stated that his personal mission for the year was to ‘fix’ the network. […]

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