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Zestful writing equals compelling content

Zestful writing equals compelling content

Although learning to write involves lots of painstaking work, there is more to success than technique and practice alone. A piece of prose can flow quite well, with all the spelling and punctuation perfectly executed and the grammar beyond reproach. Yet, even with an interesting topic it may still fall flat.

As science fiction author Ray Bradbury outlines in his advice about writing, the missing ingredients are gusto and zest! Unless the writer feels some passion for their work, the reader is unlikely to be fooled. Yes, it is still necessary to put in the time, to write every day and strive to improve technically, but if the person behind the words does not really care, probably no-one else will either.

So what can be done about this problem? The key is to get in touch with the topics that truly inspire oneself as a writer, and many of our deepest interests are sparked in childhood. Anything vivid, that sticks in the imagination, may be used to stimulate a weary piece of text or to inspire a new work. There is nothing worse than a lackadaisical content writer, churning out tepid pieces that are too dreary to read. With the addition of some vigour and vim, the work is flipped on its head and begins to stand up for itself, surprising and entertaining the reader.

It is worth seeking out the best UK copywriters and article writers to produce content full of verve and gusto. Readers are more likely to be moved by words with real feeling behind them.

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