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From zero to Vero: a new social network on the scene

Which social media

From zero to Vero: a new social network on the scene

A new social networking site has been gaining a lot of attention in the last week or so, with many new users signing up to photo-sharing site, Vero.

The ad-free app has been compared to Instagram in many ways, as it allows its users to share photos. As well as this, it also has the functionality to let users add links and recommend television shows, films and books to their friends.

The app has seen a sudden surge in popularity recently, rising from number 99 in the Apple UK app store to number one in the space of a week. Some believe that this suggests a percentage of social media users are looking to branch out their options and try alternative sites as opposed to the well-established networks available.

Despite only receiving significant attention now, Vero has actually been around for a couple of years, having first been introduced back in 2015 by billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri, who is also the son of former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri.

Vero was started because Hariri was annoyed at the number of adverts that were starting to appear on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so started his own, ad-free network. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are flocking over to the site.

Instagram has been gradually integrating ads into its platform since 2013 and it appears that there is no escaping them on any social media platform at the moment. Furthermore, some users have reached the end of their tether with posts being shown in order of popularity, and other algorithmic patterns, instead of the preferred chronological order.

Vero has billed itself as the social network that allows users to be themselves. It is currently free to use and posts appear in reverse chronological order. However, due to the sudden increase in attention, the site has now reported some problems, with users being unable to access the site, log in and even post to the site. This has caused the company to apologise to users and potential newcomers.


At present, the app is free for people to use, but users will have to start paying a subscription fee, which its developers say will keep the app free from adverts. It is not yet known how much this subscription fee will be. However, it will be giving its first million users free lifetime membership.

Vero’s big challenge for now is to cater for the rise in demand for its services, and to ensure that it working for all users.

Alan Littler

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