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YouTube reveals top trending videos of 2018


YouTube reveals top trending videos of 2018

As we’ve just seen with Twitter, this is the time of year when major social media platforms start telling us what we’ve been following and interacting with over the last 12 months. Now, it’s the turn of YouTube, which has revealed its trending top 10 of 2018.

Unlike Twitter, where the big hitters tend to be on the predictable themes of celebrities and politicians, YouTube’s sensations of the year are a real mixed bag. The biggest, however, is celebrity themed, with Kylie Jenner’s ‘To Our Daughter’ video having been viewed over 77 million times since it was published on February 4th.

For those who struggle to get excited about a video of the reality TV star and the birth of her daughter Stormi, the second biggest trend might be more satisfying. Dude Perfect’s video of things being thrown perfectly into place is pretty impressive, and it would be interesting to know how much time in total went into filming what has been condensed into a little over four minutes.

We’re back to the schmaltz with the third video on the list, as vloggers Liza Koshy and David Dobrik put out this break-up tearjerker in June.

Changing the tune completely is the fourth-placed video of a young boy singing and yodelling in American retail store Walmart. Why? I’ve no idea!

A video giving a scientific approach to the ‘yanny vs. laurel’ audio illusion debate comes in fifth, in what has quickly become a ‘remember that?’ moment of 2018.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia set social media alight during the summer, and the highlights of a scintillating 3-3 draw between Portugal and Spain in the early days of the competition take sixth place.

Even more impressive than Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick is the feats of the two men on video number seven, who managed to construct an outdoor swimming pool using only primitive tools.

Lovers of ‘80s cult films were thrilled by the arrival of ‘Cobra Kai’ – a drama based on The Karate Kid franchise. The first episode has over 50 million views and nestles in eighth position.

The last two entries are a reminder that there is plenty happening on YouTube outside of the English language. Indian prankster Amit Bhadana comes in ninth with this ten-minute piece of tomfoolery.

Lastly, the longest video on the list is nearly two hours long, and is a Vietnamese movie by KhangProFilm.

This eclectic top 10 demonstrates the variety of what makes it big on YouTube, and while there’s no doubt that being a celebrity is an advantage, anything can make a splash if it piques the interest of viewers.

John Murray

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