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Yahoo reveals revamped logo

Yahoo reveals revamped logo

The news of Yahoo’s logo re-design has caused quite a stir recently. It’s the first revamp of its kind in the 18-year history of the company and aims to offer a modern alternative to the quirky badge of the past.

The new offering has been met with criticism from the design community as it seems the logo has fallen foul of ‘puppet designer syndrome’.

Marissa Mayer, the President and CEO of Yahoo, is the daughter of an art teacher and is known to have had designers justify the merits of a three, four or five-pixel border. It was a clear sign that she would be deeply involved in the design process, but the biggest indicator of this was what she said in regards to her skills with Adobe Illustrator:

“I’m not a pro, but I know enough to be dangerous.”

Produced in a weekend, the logo avoids absolute straight lines and has a plethora of interlinking referential shapes. The lower curved feet of the ‘YAH’ are at the same angle of curve as the O, and the exclamation mark is tilted nine degrees. The design sheet for the logo itself looks more like an architect’s blueprint.

That weekend is one nightmarish scenario which most designers fear, where they become nothing more than a remote control for a mouse cursor as the boss or owner looms over their shoulder and directs them with details of exactly how the final product should look.

A lot of people have been left wondering whether Marissa Mayer would be happy for one of her designers to run the company for a little while.

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