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Yahoo! celebrates success, thanks to former Google executive

Yahoo! celebrates success, thanks to former Google executive

Yahoo! has seen growth in revenue during the fourth quarter of the year, thanks to the former executive and engineer of Google, Marissa Mayer. Improved sales of search advertising helped to push the company revenue up to £830 million, a two per cent rise year on year. In addition to improved results, the chief executive also announced plans to improve Yahoo! search, which could have implications for the search engine optimisation industry.

Following the better than expected results, company shares rose despite profit decreasing since last year. Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo! in July last year and has warned that although growth will be achieved, the company will face challenges. The company is expecting annual growth of up to three per cent during 2013. Mayer wants to focus on improving the search facility, regaining their share of the market. The online services of Yahoo! will be improved, encouraging users to spend more time using the available services.

Due to the plans announced by Mayer, investors have been warned that profit during the first half of 2013 may be affected, naming the period “an investment phase”. Ms Mayer spoke of her pride in the company’s achievements, saying:

“During the quarter we made progress by growing our executive team, signing key partnerships including those with NBC Sports and CBS television, and launching terrific mobile experiences for Yahoo! Mail and Flickr.”

Any SEO expert would agree that the main focus for any campaign would be Google, as it has close to 70% of the search market. However, Yahoo!, along with Microsoft’s Bing, is far from bringing up the rear. As the pair take the lion’s share of the remaining 30%, they are worthy of attention in any campaign.

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