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Yahoo boss says firm puts mobile first

Yahoo boss says firm puts mobile first

Search engine Yahoo has had to reinvent itself continuously in its efforts to meet its mobile-focused objectives, according to the firm’s president.

Marissa Mayer, who is also the tech company’s CEO, held a discussion with Marc Benioff, the head of cloud computing firm Salesforce, at a conference held recently in San Francisco.

The Yahoo chief said her company focuses on mobile over more general design considerations, explaining that industry trends point to a ‘mobile wave’ which can lead to successful reinvention.

She said:

“When you look at products that Yahoo has always had to offer, they have always correlated to what people do on the phone, whether it’s mail, maps, news, weather, games, share photos, stock quotes.

“What’s crazy is when you actually list all of those out, it might be what people do on their phones, or it might be Yahoo’s core offerings since the very beginning.”

Mayer said that when she joined Yahoo last year, she was surprised to discover that the firm’s team of mobile developers consisted of just 60 individuals.

Last month, the company unveiled a redesign that brought changes to its logo and the look of its email service.

For SMEs online, it’s essential that a responsive webdesign approach is adopted to engage users accessing the internet via mobile devices.

Yahoo isn’t the only company to have recently acknowledged the increasing use of tablets and smartphones; Salesforce has revamped its mobile software in a bid to ensure its clients can use more of its sales, customer service and marketing programme features.

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