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X/Twitter to introduce audio and video calls

X/Twitter to introduce audio and video calls

Elon Musk, CEO of social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), has announced in a post (formerly known as a tweet) that video and audio calls are soon to be introduced to the platform.

As part of the announcement, Musk referred to X as “the global address book”, mentioning that no phone number was necessary to make calls using the site.

As well as this feature, Musk mentioned some of the other features that will be included in X’s introduction of calls. The first of these refers to the platforms that will be able to make and receive calls; he declared that iOS and Android devices will have call features, while both Mac computers and regular PCs will also have calling functions.

No exact release date has been announced as of yet, although Musk was quoted as saying, helpfully, that the feature was “coming”.

When Twitter first began rebranding to X in July this year, it was thought that the company’s aim was to turn the platform into an “everything app”, with suggested additional services including calls, payment services and even banking. While nothing has since been mentioned regarding the introduction of financial services, with calls set to arrive soon, it’s likely that these are also in the works over at X HQ.

However, just a couple of weeks ago, Musk announced his intention to remove the block feature, although X’s community notes feature reminded users that he was unable to follow through with this, so we may want to consider any newly hinted features with suspicion until they’re firmly on our screens.

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