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Writing content: regularity or quality?

Writing content: regularity or quality?

Many websites have started writing content on a daily basis, usually by using blogs as a platform, in a bid to help their SEO and subsequently their online success. But what’s the best way to write content on your website? Should you be writing every day, even if you don’t have anything in particular to write about?

Firstly, the more often you update your website, the better. This is obvious. If you can write every day, you should. If you update your website daily, Google will index your website just as often, and new content you write will appear within the SERPs almost immediately.

However, and we do mean a BIG however, don’t just write content for the sake of it. If you end up writing gibberish, poor quality content or content that’s irrelevant to your website you’ll just be diluting your website’s relevance and quality.

This doesn’t just apply to businesses, as some SEO companies don’t even grasp this concept! There are SEO blogs being updated daily, for the sake of them being updated, and they’re having poorly written, badly structured irrelevant blogs uploaded just to keep the content ticking over. It’s not helping their rankings or their website’s quality.

If you can’t write every day, don’t. Just write when you have something to write and make sure that you’re writing good quality, relevant articles. High quality articles every other day are better than short, poor quality irrelevant articles on a daily basis.

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