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Worldwide roll out for Instagram feature

Instagram Archive

Worldwide roll out for Instagram feature

Photo-sharing platform Instagram recently announced it will be rolling out its archive feature on a worldwide scale.

Last month, it was revealed that the archive feature was being tested. This test was deemed successful and will now become a permanent aspect of the platform; it has already started to be introduced to users.

The announcement was made by the company in a blog post on Tuesday which explains that users can now archive any photos appearing on their profile to a space only visible to the user. The archive feature allows the user to essentially hide any video or photo that they do not wish their followers to see any longer. This is different to deleting the post altogether as archived photos can be reinstated should the user wish to put them back up.

To access this feature, a user clicks the three dots icon on the top right of the post the user wants to archive. Once clicked, a new menu will appear, with archive being one of the options.

Instagram Archive Screenshot

If a user wants to view archived posts or reinstate one, this is just as simple as it is to archive them. Users need to go to their profiles and they will notice an icon that looks like an anticlockwise arrow with a clock in the middle. This is the archive section of the app.

Once selected, the user will be taken to the archives page, where they can scroll through their archived posts. Should the user want to reinstate the post, they simply click on the three dots icon and select ‘Show on Profile’ to restore the post to the profile in the same spot in once occupied.

The archive feature will be useful to users who may have ended a relationship with a partner and wants to hide any posts related to them instead of deleting them, for example. It could also come in handy for those who deem a photo to have not accrued enough likes or on second thoughts, find one of their posts to be too embarrassing to keep up but aren’t quite ready to let go of completely.

The feature is similar to Snapchat Memories, which allows a user to save photos to a section of the platform that only they can see. Unlike Snapchat, photos in the Instagram archives must have been made public first. Perhaps this is something the company may change in the future to be more like its photo-sharing rival.

The archive feature is available as part of the latest iOS and Android updates.

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