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Working from home continues to rise in popularity

Working from home continues to rise in popularity

According to recent research, there is a growing drive for working from home.

In a study of Londoners over the summer, where residents of the capital and the Home Counties were asked to take a more flexible approach to commuting, 24% said they had.

The move was requested from the transport authorities, concerned that spectators visiting events would overwhelm the underground and other transport networks.

The reality was that the tube, train and bus systems coped amazingly well.

More surprising than this though was that London-based businesses more than coped. The study from mobile phone operator Vodafone, showed that productivity was up over the period.

The majority of workers polled that tried working differently, also said they wanted to continue like it in the future. With a better quality of life, greater productivity, and no daily commute, it is easy to understand the attraction.

People in all manner of jobs can feasibly work from home now too, with high speed broadband and secure VPNs. Many people working in internet marketing, SEO and other tech related positions are leading the trail too.

Further research this year, in July from Mitel, also showed that more than 80% of UK workers were eager to get away from working nine to five.

With benefits to companies also being seen, with lower overheads, smaller offices and fewer missed hours, their could well be a sea change just around the corner.

Already, many employers are more open to introducing such schemes, according to the data from Vodafone.

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