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With SEO, your reputation precedes you

With SEO, your reputation precedes you

Recent research into SEO copywriting, and its effect on a website’s success, shows that it is really those factors which occur ‘behind the scenes’, rather than the content itself, that matter the most. This might make it sound like web content can be neglected, or that it can be created without paying attention to keywords and so on, but those would be dangerous strategies to follow.

SEO copywriting is still the final link in the chain, after other criteria have been satisfied, and it therefore needs to be strong, requiring just as much thought and attention to detail as it ever has. Content could even be seen as coming first, because it directly leads to the ‘behind the scenes’ activity from which a website earns trust and authority from others.

Search engines such as Google place a lot of importance on a website’s authority and trust. In the background, others make judgements about your website and decide whether to link to it from their own well-respected sites. The links that people make to your pages, and the text that they use in those links, are factors which are carefully evaluated by search engines.

In terms of SEO, how your site is regarded by others is what counts, more than anything that is to be found within its pages, but of course that high regard will probably have been gained initially by having superlative content. This brings us back to content again, and the value of hiring experienced copywriting professionals to create it.

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