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Win the internet with content

Win the internet with content

If you were to ask me why adding updating your site constantly with new content is so important, the first thing I would do is tell you that it is important because it helps to pay the bills and keeps me in cakes 🙂

Then I would give you a list of reasons, most of which can be read on the page about our flagship product, Everyday Content. Then once I had given you that list, I would then start talking about my favourite reason from that list – gaining site authority. Whilst we have touched on site authority in Google before in a previous post, I feel that the benefits of becoming an authority site need to be elaborated upon.

So what use is being an authority website in the eyes of Google? Why should you care about being an authority website? Quite simply, you need to be an authority site to dominate your part of the internet, to own the search engine results for not just your chosen area, but areas that touch on your main area. You will show up for searches that you never thought achievable, SEO loses it’s importance, and links are no longer something you have to go out and actively seek, you just seem to attract them from sites you never imagined would link to you (this phenomenon is something I will talk about on another day).

There is no downside to being an authority site (other than increased bandwidth bills, but those are the prices we pay for success), so you would be mad to not have it as one of your objectives for the next six months.

In my opinion, site authority is pretty much the be all and end all as far as winning the internet is concerned. Once the search engines see you as an authority site, then you pretty much have it made. Oh you can lose your authority, but only if you start to slack off from the constant updates and improvements to your site (and you would never do that).

Do you want Google to see your site as the most important site in your industry and push it out to searchers?

You do?

I wonder where you could get advice and help on that…

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