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Meta Twitter

Will Meta look to replace Twitter?

Meta Twitter

Will Meta look to replace Twitter?

It’s been a turbulent 12 months for two of social media’s most notorious giants.

Meta has been mired with plummeting profits and overspending on its augmented reality Metaverse project. Meanwhile, Twitter has (somehow) managed to display even higher levels of instability since its takeover by billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk, with the app’s very future being called into question on a few occasions in the past few months.

If there’s one thing that Meta is great at, it’s taking ideas from other services and making a more successful version of its own. In previous years, when Twitter was a more stable institution, it was evidently exempt from Meta’s poaching. Recently, however, it has been suggested by industry insiders such as Matt Navarra that Meta may have plans for a Twitter-like service of its own for Facebook or Instagram.

Suggestions for name ideas for this service have included ‘Instant’, ‘Realtime’ and ‘Real Reels’, suggesting that it would be Instagram that initially gained this feature. However, it is unlikely at this point that any such feature will be rushed out in the near future, with Twitter’s user base still increasing as it is despite revenues falling dramatically.

While Twitter may be on the road to some semblance of stability, if the last year has proved anything for these two tech giants, it’s that you never know when your next major crisis is around the corner. If Twitter continues to falter and users continue to give up on the app, don’t be surprised if Meta pops up out of the woodwork with a brand new revolutionary Instagram feature that just happens to be a perfect landing spot for former tweeters.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or any other relevant social media platform where your target audience is based, perfecting your online presence is an important and continuous process. Make sure you speak to our team here at Engage Web if you are looking for advice on getting the most from your social media content.

Luke Meredith

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