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Wikipedia to feature video

Wikipedia to feature video

It seems everyone is catching onto the value of video online these days, with Wikipedia to be the next inline to feature video.

Whatever your opinion on Wikipedia, whether you believe it to be a useless website filled with half truths and lies, or whether you consider it to be a useful resource online, contributed to by intelligent and informative individuals, you can’t argue with Wikipedia’s undoubted SEO value. The website has billions of pages and ranks at the top of Google for pretty much every conceivable search, making it a thorn in the side of some SEOs and a powerful ally for others (depending on whether you can use Wikipedia for your own benefit or not).

Now Wikipedia is going down the route of video and looks to potentially challenge Google’s YouTube, at least for education, fact based videos.

According to the latest news, Wikipedia will be featuring videos (user submitted and edited) on its pages towards the end of the summer. The use of video on Wikipedia is being backed by Mozilla (who make the web browser Firefox) and comes just months after Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, ditched his attempt at beating Google in the search engine game when ‘Wikia Search’ died a death.

Wikipedia has partnered with three sources for videos, the Internet Archive, the Wikimedia Commons and Metavid. Between them they have almost 5 million videos.

Did we just hear YouTube draw breath?

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