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Why your website NEEDS a case study page

Why your website NEEDS a case study page

Potential customers or clients of yours want to work with companies they can trust.

Now, of course, you know better than anyone that your company is more trustworthy and offers a better service than any of your competitors – but do your clients know that?

Well, your website is the perfect place to prove this. Not just through the taglines and other copy on the home page, but in the form of case studies or a portfolio (or both), showcasing some of the work you’ve done for previous clients.

If you don’t have this setup on your website currently, here’s why it’s an absolute must:

Highlight your successful work

From the standpoint of acquiring new business, what’s the point of being proud of your work if you don’t show it off to people who need similar services?

Providing photos/screenshots of your work, alongside explanations of how you and your team carried out your most impressive jobs, can help you create a steady flow of new clients.

Reputation building

Any business can claim to offer industry-leading services, but proving it is a different kettle of fish.

Drawing attention to your high-level work will help you build your company’s reputation and elevate you above your competitors.

Convincing uncertain leads

Many potential leads who could benefit from services aren’t aware of how much you can help them. They may be unsure if your services cover their needs, or simply not aware of just how much of a difference you can make.

Either way, your case study page or portfolio can pre-empt the questions or concerns that may be preventing somebody from becoming your client.

If you have the resources and expertise to prove your high-level work, we’d always recommend including case studies on your website. Speak to our web professionals at Engage Web today for more information on how to build your perfect website.

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