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Why you should be targeting LinkedIn in your content marketing campaign

LinkedIn mobile

Why you should be targeting LinkedIn in your content marketing campaign

In today’s ever-growing digital market, the importance of content is well understood by the majority of people formulating and executing marketing campaigns. However, understanding the need for content does not necessarily equate to a successful campaign.

Whether people are failing because their message isn’t relevant enough in today’s market, they don’t have a big enough audience to generate consistent traffic or their process is just not suited to converting their audience into paying customers, standing out and finding the right audience on social media is proving to be difficult for many.

If you’re still creating your content in hopes of ultimate success on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and newer platforms such as TikTok, it may be about time to switch directions this year. Here are a few reasons why you might be tempted to cater your content marketing efforts to success on LinkedIn instead of the more traditional social media platforms.

Building a targeted audience

LinkedIn is not only a great place for you to build a targeted audience that will be interested in your products, but also the ideal platform to do this at speed. It’ll be much easier for your audience to find you by name, business or industry than it will on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, on LinkedIn, you have the ability to connect with anybody you want, and it is much easier to get into people’s inboxes, where you’ve got an even better chance of converting.

Organic reach is going down

With many sources noting that impressions and organic reach are currently reducing each month across all social media, this has resulted in more people spending time on LinkedIn than ever before. Once you have built up some potentially valuable connections, you’ll find that the right campaign makes lead generation simple.

Clarity and connection

It should go without saying that LinkedIn will not work for you unless you have a message that is relevant and that captures attention. Many of your potential targets may not know what you do, why they should buy from your business and what the consequences are if they don’t. Your audience, like all of us on social media, will engage with content we relate to. If you’re not taking this into account in your content, you will likely pay for it in the results.

Crafting an effective, relatable and engaging content marketing campaign is not an easy task. However, if you’d like some advice on how you can achieve this for your business, speak to our team at Engage Web today.

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