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Why WordPress is the best platform for blogging

Why WordPress is the best platform for blogging

As a rule we prefer to use WordPress for adding content to our client’s websites. It has a number of features that make it both ideal for content writers, and for Google when it comes to indexing the website’s content.

Here are a few of the advantages of WordPress over other blogging and news delivery systems. Does your CMS (content management system) do all of this?

Wordpress allos you to have custom permalinks in the URLs, which are keywords in your page name. Instead of a page such as ‘?id=234’ as a page name for a post, you can have ‘wordpress-is-the-best.html’. This is much better for Google as the URL is a big factor in your rankings.

Scheduling posts
Most CMS systems don’t allow you to set posts to go live in the future. This means when you want your website to be updated every day, you have sit there are write it every day. With WordPress you can schedule ahead so that posts go live when you want them to. This means you can do a week’s posts when you have the time, making sure that Google always has something to index.

Varying authors
Google likes to see websites that are written on by different authors, and WordPress has a way of clearly displaying which author wrote which article.

There are numerous other benefits, which we’ll look at another time.

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