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Why proper spelling and grammar is important for online content

Why proper spelling and grammar is important for online content

Communication over the Internet is generally informal, and there’s a general feeling that spelling and grammar can be irrelevant these days. After all, how many people carefully check an email or Facebook post before hitting the send button?

Nevertheless, there are still a few great reasons to provide error-free news feeds.

Firstly, correct spelling and a suitable use of grammar simply makes things easier to read. A wonderful example of this is comma use. Correctly placed punctuation helps to break up multiple clauses, while run-on sentences and comma splices can confuse readers. People generally like to read website news feeds quickly, but if they need to reread and dissect sentences to understand the content, it’s unlikely they will be returning.

The second reason involves the impression you give. As such, if you publish content that’s full of spelling and grammatical errors, you risk being seen as amateurish. This can easily cause readers to doubt your professionalism in general and lead to missed business opportunities.

What’s more, following the rules doesn’t mean that your content needs to be stuffy. Many grammatical rules have been relaxed over the years, such as the one against split infinitives, to enable clearer and more natural writing. Quality writers know how to push the boundaries, while great proofreaders know how to rein them in when needed.

There is always a chance of occasional errors sneaking through, as you may spot in many books and newspapers, but a quality news writing service can minimise these mistakes, so that your readers can just enjoy the content.

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