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Why outsource your content marketing?

Why outsource your content marketing?

If you’re a startup or other business with limited resources, you may be tempted to handle your content marketing in house to reduce costs. After all, maybe you enjoy writing and would love to communicate about your company.

Is this really the best use of your time, though? Here are some reasons for why you should consider outsourcing.

The ability to scale your content up or down

The amount of content your venture needs will inevitably wax and wane as your content strategy and product offerings evolve. If you need a sudden surge of content, how would you achieve this in house? Would you need to recruit new staff? Outsourcing to freelancers or a content agency relieves the need to hire more staff. In particular, a content agency will already have access to numerous writers, so it can easily find suitably qualified contributors.

In addition, when you need to scale back your content efforts, you will avoid the need for unpleasant layoffs. Freelancers and content agencies generally work on a project-by-project basis, so you can easily scale back once a particular project or contract ends.

Easier budgeting

It’s much easier to work out a cost when you outsource content marketing, because you will be able to get upfront quotes from freelancers and copywriting services. This makes it easier to budget for content marketing when compared to building an in-house team, where costs can be less predictable and extend into the long term.

Frees you and your team to work on what you are good at

Even marketing professionals may need two to four hours to write a 500-word article. Over time, this can result in too many working days when you and your employees are being drawn away from your core roles. In short, every hour you spend writing content is an hour you could have spent developing the core competencies of your business.

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