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Why outsource your content copywriting?

Why outsource your content copywriting?

What is outsourcing and how can it help improve business? Outsourcing is the buying in of products or services from another agency that specialises in those products. Usually outsourcing is considered because the core business does not have the in-house expertise available. For example, a hotel employs staff for housekeeping and catering but it wants to have eye-catching floral arrangements in public rooms and corridors. It does not have the resources, or staff with the expertise to do this, so it contracts a florist to provide this service.

Consider another scenario; a business website is experiencing a fall in the number of customer ‘hits’ and searches and as a result demand for its products is falling. The site has not had any changes made to it in six months so something must be done to help its search engine optimisation (SEO). Articles, blogs and content need to be refreshed and updated with a more eye-catching approach. The business is small, employing fewer than 50 workers, there is no-one capable of this work and the budget is limited.

Entering into a content writer contract with a specialist agency would be a good solution. The agency will provide the SEO content in consultation with the business, and high quality information will soon be published on the site. If an analytics software programme is installed, the business will be able to track subsequent customer searches and visits to monitor the progress. This information can then be used to evaluate customer behaviour and refine content to optimise product demand.

Be sure to use a reputable copywriting agency who ensures that its professional outsourced content writing is done by native English speakers with high standards of grammar, punctuation and language ability and who are also trained in writing for SEO purposes.

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