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Why is no one reading my blog?

Why is no one reading my blog?

No, this isn’t a desperate plea from the heart of someone who believes he’s being ignored by the Internet community as a whole – no need to alert social services to my predicament just yet. This is instead an observation of many blogs on the Internet, where the owners of the blogs fail to understand why no one is reading, commenting or even visiting.

I found one such blog recently in a very niche industry. The content on the blog was updated regularly, sometimes every day, and was extremely well written. The authors on the blog were all experts in their field, and they write interesting content from a very knowledgeable standpoint.

However, nobody was reading the blog or leaving any comments. How do I know this? I know this because one of the blogs was actually about how they’re not getting any readers or comments. The blog was titled ‘Read These Blogs’ and proceeded to explain that nobody was… the author didn’t know why and was questioning his own writing ability and whether he should continue.

The reason nobody was reading or commenting was simple – while the quality of the posts was excellent and informative, the quality of the post titles was woeful. The blog featured titles such as the aforementioned ‘Read These Blogs’, as well as other titles such as ‘Very Interesting’ and ‘Endings’.

While the one post may have actually been ‘very interesting’, the title (which of course also forms the Page Title and the title in the search engine results pages) didn’t in any way entice anyone to read it. Nobody is going to click on a title that reads ‘very interesting’, and even if they would click on it, they wouldn’t find it in Google in the first place because it doesn’t contain any keywords relevant to the post itself.

Writing abstract titles such as ‘Very Interesting’ and ‘Endings’ may work well for a magazine or newspaper, because the reader already has the publication in their hands, but on the Internet a very different tactic needs to be employed. Titles need to be clear, with relevant keywords and they need to attract the reader to click on it.

If your blog isn’t getting any readers, or comments, perhaps your post titles need to be looked at?

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