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Why is it so important to understand searcher intent background
Why is it so important to understand searcher intent

Why is it so important to understand searcher intent?

Why is it so important to understand searcher intent

Why is it so important to understand searcher intent?

Understanding the intent behind a search query is a critical factor of keyword research for search engine optimisation (SEO).

In a nutshell, searcher intent is the purpose behind a user’s online search. Search engines aim to deliver results that meet the user’s needs to drive engagement and, ultimately, conversion.

Search engines use algorithms to analyse and identify what a user is trying to find as a result of their search. This information is then presented to the user on the search engine results page (SERPs).

The optimisation of searcher intent should drive the relevant traffic to your site. If we take the term “dogs” as an example, when a user types this into a search engine, what are they expecting to find? Funny videos of dogs? Dogs for sale? Dog charities?

On the SERPs, Google presents us with several blogs about dogs and dog breeds. Google has identified that the searcher intent behind this term is informational, as users are looking to learn more about dogs through this query.

If the SERPs were to show e-commerce sites with dog food for sale, this would mean that the search engine has identified a transactional intent behind this term. Users are further down the marketing funnel and are looking to make a purchase.

A dog food company, therefore, would want to avoid targeting the term “dogs”, and target more appropriate terms; in this instance, “buy dog food”. Satisfying searcher intent is a key ranking factor, as it can increase your page visibility.

By analysing the search engine results page and optimising your content with keywords that have appropriate intent, you’ll meet the needs of your target audience, and in turn drive the relevant traffic to your page.

You could create the most factual or creative piece of writing, but without intent optimisation, you’d struggle to rank highly on the SERPs. There are various tools available to help identify the searcher intent behind a keyword. It is best practice, however, to manually analyse a search query in the SERPs to identify what is considered to match the intent by the search engine.

If your business needs assistance with search intent optimisation, our team at Engage Web would be happy to help. Reach out now to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Lia Bartley

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