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Why is content a good idea?

Why is content a good idea?

This is the first question many clients ask when they start talking about content and there are three basic, main reasons:

  1. Regularly updated website – the internet is full of outdated, ancient websites that people have thrown together and no longer look at.  If content is out of date and sometimes even irrelevant, then Google will not rank it highly as Google wants to return the most relevant websites to its users. Adding content regularly means you are updating your site regularly, which Google likes and will reward you for.
  2. Additional links – each link you get to your site is like a vote of confidence in your site.  Adding regular content will attract links naturally, and importantly, for free.  The more interesting your content and the more relevant, the more links your site will get and people will begin to find your site more, visit it more, your traffic will increase and your site may begin to be seen as a bit of an authority in your industry.
  3. Long tail rankings – many people want to target three or four specific phrases and although content can certainly support this, it will actually reward your site with much more.  if you are writing regularly in and around your subject(s), then naturally your content will contain what are known as ‘long tail keywords’, i.e. the keywords related to your subject that are two or more words long.  You will begin to rank for a lot of key phrases that would be impossible to target specifically all at once through normal SEO and could be costly through PPC.

We could ramble on and give many more reasons, but these are definitely three of the main ones.

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