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Why Google Translate won’t replace copywriting services

Why Google Translate won’t replace copywriting services

According to usability research carried out for Dell computers, the most important step towards achieving their ambitious growth objectives was improved site usability. If the customer, which includes other businesses as wells as consumers, could use its website with increased speed and efficiency, then the revenue would increase.

For many businesses who have a website, the copywriting can cause huge problems, especially if English isn’t the main language spoken. Computer software can be installed which will translate copy into an alternative language. Google Translate offers at least 57 of the main languages, but looks for patterns in documents which have already been translated by humans to offer an appropriate translation based on informed guesses. English language is a particularly difficult language to learn and understand, with various words having different meanings, depending how they are spelled. A literal translation will not always make sense, or convey the intentions of the author.

Website copy has to be styled to engage the emotions of a reader, to provide a reason to read the information rather than just providing facts. A machine can translate copy, but can never translate humour, passion or individual style. Originality and creativity are also dependant on humans, as a computer can only look at past translations.

Rather than relying on computer software to generate or translate copy, a UK copywriting service will provide original, fresh content which is designed to attract human interest and stir various emotions. Content outsourcing to a reputable company will maximise revenue, without the distraction or disappointment caused by translation errors.

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