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Why emo works for the Internet

Why emo works for the Internet

If the Internet was a real person, it probably wouldn’t go for alternative rock. It would definitely avoid country, and folk wouldn’t even get a look in. There’s one kind of music that the Internet, if personified, would go for. Emo.

This might come as a bit of a surprise, at least for those of you who have ever spent any time anthropomorphising the Internet and worrying about its music tastes. ‘Surely,’ you say, ‘the Internet would go for mainstream pop?‘ But no, you’d be wrong. It’s emo all the way.

Let me explain, before I’m carted off for my strange and weird musings.

The Internet may have distanced us from the physical world, but this doesn’t mean that appearances aren’t important. If you’re operating a website, the way it looks could convince users to stay, or bounce them back to the search results, impacting on your rankings. Anyone using search engine optimisation techniques aims to create pages that are visually attractive – and this means avoiding a popular look just as much as avoiding an amateur one.

The best approach to web design for SEO is to take note of your industry’s standards, but add something that makes you a little special. This is where we get back to emo. The dark, brooding clothing of bands like My Chemical Romance are just as important to their position as their music, but they avoid the tedium of the mainstream.

Just as the right look counts for an emo band, the right design can make anyone, from giant Wirral corporations to the smallest Cheshire company, appear like a rock star.

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