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Why article writing is vital for online businesses

Why article writing is vital for online businesses

If your business only exists as an online concern, there are some particular challenges to think about when designing your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Well-written content on your website can help overcome the potential pitfalls of trying to establish a new business online.

Keywords and web traffic – Article writing is the ideal platform for including certain keywords on your website, to help browsers find your site when they perform a search. This is vital for online businesses, as it’s unlikely that people will search for you by name until your business is established.

Establishing your reputation – Interesting web content can help you communicate your expertise in your area, and giving readers some added value when they click on your site. Articles and blogs are great for giving you the space to show people what you’re all about, and will help establish your site as a genuine one.

Buyer confidence – Buying online involves taking a risk, especially if people haven’t heard of you before. Your website needs to make people feel confident about purchasing from you rather than from a more established rival. For this you’ll need a combination of compelling content and a section containing all the information new customers need about delivery costs and arrangements, refund rights and so on.

Word of mouth publicity – The best blogs and websites tend to attract a following of interested readers, who in turn pass on links to others. If you’re operating in a niche area, it’s especially worth focusing on having the kind of content that will attract a loyal readership.

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