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Why an outdated website may be holding your business back

Why an outdated website may be holding your business back

Big companies invest annually in their websites to ensure they keep current, but having an up-to-date website is essential for enterprises whether large or small.

Many years ago, a lot of companies were happy to simply have an online presence, but today, an outdated website is really only marginally better than having no website at all. Here are some reasons why:

Impacts user experiences

Slow-loading pages and content displaying badly on mobile devices will amount to a poor user experience. As a result, visitors facing such issues will swiftly leave your website and probably never come back. Additionally, sites that are tricky to navigate are likely to frustrate users seeking specific information they need to purchase a product or service affecting sales.

Trust issues

Antiquated sites can also make your enterprise seem untrustworthy. Users will question if your content is equally outdated and what affect this might have on your services and products. Ultimately, this lack of trust can make converting site visitors into customers an uphill battle.

Suffers in search rankings

Popularly used search engines like Google are constantly updating their ranking factors and algorithms. Older sites that aren’t optimised for such changes are unlikely to appear high in search results, making it hard for prospective customers to find you, and therefore less in the way of sales.

Poor functionality

When a website isn’t updated in line with the modern market, it can soon lack the functionality and features contemporary consumers have come to expect as standard. Responsive web design, effective site searches, smooth menus, secure checkouts, video content, and live chat message facilities are among some of the features users look for today.

Loss of brand image

If your website looks out of date, it can make your company appear behind the times, unreliable, irrelevant and give the impression that it lacks professional pride in its appearance. Even if you have spent years building an excellent reputation, you can harm your brand by neglecting your site.

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