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Why am I receiving endless Instagram notifications?

Why am I receiving endless Instagram notifications?

Instagram has been facing some backlash over the past few days, with users complaining about the platform’s new Broadcast Channels, which has been the cause of users being bombarded with unnecessary notifications.

Many celebrities have been using the feature as a new way of updating their followers and posting content. However, creators have been sending out invitations to all of their followers, sending each of them a notification that, as you can imagine, can get quite repetitive and annoying.

With this update appearing to be implemented out of the blue, it caught some Instagram users off guard, with many being under the impression that they were being targeted by spam bots. This is obviously not the case, with it being a newly introduced feature.

Should you find these notifications annoying (you most likely will do), they can be disabled through the Instagram app settings. Here’s how to do so:

– Load up Instagram
– Click on your profile
– Go to the three lines (known as “the hamburger menu”) in the top right-hand corner
– Select ‘Settings and privacy’
– Select ‘Notifications’ then ‘Messages and calls’

This will then show you a list of each Instagram feature that sends users notifications, such as messages and new follow requests. Simply find the ‘Broadcast channels’ section and select the ‘Off’ option.

From this point, you will no longer receive endless broadcast notifications, so you can relax without your phone pinging every five seconds!

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