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Why adding content is good for Google

Why adding content is good for Google

There are some who say that SEO, and by extension content writing for SEO purposes, flies in the face of the guidelines offered by Google. The common theory is that by using SEO and content for your website you’re attempting in some way to con Google into thinking that your website should rank above others unfairly, or rank for keywords that it otherwise shouldn’t.

Content and SEO is cheating, in essence.

Of course, these theories are very much misguided. Google wants, needs, to show the best websites in answer to its searches. The best websites are those that fully answer the search criteria laid down by the user making the search. The way to ensure that Google shows your website, and not your competitors’ websites, is to make your website a wealth of useful information – by adding content.

Adding content to your website isn’t cheating Google. It isn’t going against the guidelines laid out by Google, or Google’s TOS (terms of service). Adding good quality, relevant content to your website is what Google wants you to do.

Equally, SEO isn’t about conning Google either. SEO is about making sure your website is perfectly optimised to help Google to categorise your website. If Google can’t tell what your website is about, how is it supposed to offer it in the results pages when people search for it?

Content and SEO aren’t cheating, they’re fundamental to the success of your website, and the success of Google in fulfilling its own mandate.

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