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Who wants to read AI-written content?

Who wants to read AI-written content?

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking: Why would I consistently want waste my valuable time writing articles for my website, when I could simply ask ChatGPT, or any other AI chatbot, to do it for me?

Well, good question.

On the surface, it absolutely sounds like the perfect solution. On the one hand, you get to update your site’s blog with articles specific to your industry. On the other, you simply post what AI (artificial intelligence) has produced for you, giving you the time to put the hours in elsewhere. Happy days.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

Why are you writing content?

You want your online content to help your website get leads and, ultimately, bring you more business.

Therefore, if your audience finds your content to be engaging and helpful, this will not only make them more likely to stay on your website, but search engines such as Google will recognise this, giving you the added benefit of driving more traffic to your site as a whole.

This is where AI-produced content falters.

By definition, it is content that has been collated and aggregated from a seemingly endless collection of online resources to answer a specific question, task or prompt. Unsurprisingly, it lacks the originality and creativity of a human-written piece of work.

Furthermore, if you’re asking AI to produce content on a topic you specialise in, there’s a very high chance that your insight will be much more beneficial to a reader than what your AI counterpart could ever produce.

In fact, due to using information from a large number of sources with unknown credibility, AI may give you content that you not only disagree with, but is downright wrong.

If you wanted answers to a question on a topic you were unsure about, and found an article for a so-called ‘specialist’ in that subject, would you want the article answering your question to be not only boring, but potentially misleading? I doubt it.

For this reason, human-written content is always more valuable than AI, especially when you are writing about a subject you specialise in.

Is AI useless?

Absolutely not. AI can still be a useful tool for writing.

It can provide you with ideas, outlines and potential improvements for your own articles. If you still do not want to write a whole article yourself, you may choose to edit an AI-produced piece, simply factchecking and adding some additional flair of your own.

Here at Engage Web, our team of writers and editors work tirelessly to ensure all content we produce is original, factually accurate and, most importantly, engaging.

Reach out to us today to discover how we can help out your website.

Luke Meredith

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