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When your content becomes an SEO problem

When your content becomes an SEO problem

Content is an asset to your website’s search engine optimisation. Most SEO companies encourage their clients to get working on content as soon as possible, because it forms the ground in which the seeds of SEO, keywords, can be planted. Good content is essential to a site’s success in the search engine results pages, but it can also get a website into trouble if not handled correctly.

Quality content is becoming more important to the health of a site as time goes by. The search engines are placing an increasing reliance on pleasing Internet users when calculating a site’s rankings. Content plays a key role in pleasing your site’s users. It often makes the difference between retaining a user on the page or bouncing them right back to the search engine. You might well ask, if content’s so great, how on earth could it cause you any problems?

Dynamic content issues

One of the ways in which content presents a problem is if your architecture produces dynamic content. Any time content is presented as a response to a query from a site user, that’s dynamic content. It presents a problem because the search engines have had trouble dealing with dynamic pages in the past. Although Google claims to have a handle on dynamic content now, most SEO professionals still avoid dynamic pages where possible.

Dynamic content also presents a duplicate content issue. When any of your pages features the same content, such as product pages and category pages, Google might choose only one of them to index. You need to have control over which.

Duplicate content problems

Dynamic pages aren’t the only way duplicate content can creep onto your website. In fact, most duplicate content problems come from site owners trying to bulk out their site without enough quality content, simply copying and pasting from other sources. Every page must have fresh content, content that is unique and interesting.

Get your content strategy wrong and your SEO strategy will fail before it’s even begun.

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