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When to let SEO go

When to let SEO go

Search engine optimisation experts seem to have a hard set of rules on keyword placement. If you listen to all the advice from those in SEO careers, you’ll be planting keywords within your title tags, headlines, first sentences, captions and links. You’ll bold at least one instance of the keyword, and you’ll put a few variations of the keyword in as well.

The thing is, when you do all that to a page, you can end up with spam. So what do you do?

It’s important to recognise that the rules of SEO can be bent, and most of them can be bent at any time. The key is in never going too far on the one page. Applying keywords in some areas and not in others gives you the flexibility to make your site natural, while not ignoring search engine optimisation altogether.

For example, say you’ve positioned your keyword ‘Liverpool wacky widgets’ at the start of the title tag. You’ve also worked ‘Liverpool wacky widgets’ into the body copy multiple times. You probably don’t need to work further instances onto this page. What you can do, though, is point links with ‘Liverpool widgets’ from other pages, and in your next article, posted the next day, place your keywords in other prime spots.

In varying your keyword placement, you not only work your way around the spam filters of the search engines, you ensure your readers don’t get bored. It’s a part of the quality checks you should be looking at during organic SEO.

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