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Christmas Marketing

When should I start my Christmas online marketing?

Christmas Marketing

When should I start my Christmas online marketing?

Many people will still be trying to make the most of their summer and trying to hold on to it for as long as possible before August ends, the kids go back to school and the light nights get darker. As we approach the end of August, for many retail businesses, it is now time to start thinking about the C word. That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas online marketing campaigns.

There is plenty that a business should be doing to build up to the season, as preparation is key to a successful campaign, and this build up needs to start now!

What should I be doing in August?

At this point of the year, you may want to consider laying the foundations to your campaign. These foundations can be conducting keyword research and analysing search trends. This will help you figure out when your key demographic will be searching for your product and wanting to order it.

This research will let you know when you need to start putting out content, updating your website and launching your seasonal products. If you look at Google Trends for a search of ‘Christmas’ you will see that last year, it started to gain traction at the end of August, slowly creeping up and peaking in the days leading up to the holiday.

Google Trends Christmas

This shows that the earlier you are thinking about your move, the better chance you have at setting your campaign off at the right time and making it a successful season for your business.

Get the content out early

It is key to lay down the foundations early through content. This will let Google know that your website is relevant to seasonal keywords and has the content to prove this relevance. Having relevant content will let Google know that you are an up-to-date website, looking ahead at providing potential customers with relevant material. This will stand you in good stead to have good rankings when customers do start to search for seasonal keywords.

Don’t be late to the party

The last thing you want to do at what could be a pivotal part of the year for your business is to be late to the party. Launching a campaign too late can give the upper hand to competitors, see your sales fall short of your expectations and lead to customers overlooking your business.

Ensure your Christmas campaign is well thought out, not rushed and ideally suited for Google. The key is preparation and the campaign’s foundations should now start to be laid. Contact Engage Web today for help with your online marketing campaign.

Alan Littler

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