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When SEO leaves a bad aftertaste

When SEO leaves a bad aftertaste

Think about going into a Chinese restaurant.

No, this isn’t a weird plug for the Coalition of Chinese Restaurateurs of Merseyside or Cheshire, but a thought exercise. Just think about the times you’ve gone to a Chinese restaurant for a meal. Imagine going into a restaurant that is quite flashy, but serves food that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Now, imagine going into another restaurant, a few days later, where the food truly impresses. Which one is a better business?

When you think about business in this way, the answer is fairly obvious. Although the flashy restaurant gets a lot of first time diners, the second restaurant is more likely to build up a reputation, a regular following, and succeed.

The same goes for SEO.

A lot of the worst SEO jobs are based on the thought ‘So what if people don’t come back? We don’t care!’ Usually, the reason for wanting people to come back or not is seen as something so obvious that it’s not talked about. It should be. If it was, perhaps the internet would be a better place.

There are a number of reasons you want people to come back. Loyal customers are more likely to make a purchase, bad experiences generate bad reviews and, most importantly for search engine optimisation, Google looks at your return traffic.

Good SEO is about quality. Concentrate on providing a genuinely good experience for your customers, rather than something cheap and shiny that will leave a bad taste in their mouths.

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