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WhatsApp to tell you who your best friends are


WhatsApp to tell you who your best friends are

A new hidden feature on messaging service WhatsApp will let you know who your closest acquaintances are, on the basis of communication frequency.

WhatsApp has been around for little over six years, and has already changed the way in which people interact with each other on mobile devices. It can be considered to be one of the most used messaging services available, with the app being installed on millions of devices worldwide.

The service allows users to send instant messages to friends, family, and anyone else registered to the platform. It has introduced a set of handy functions in the past, including the blue ticks feature that allows a user to see if a message has been opened and read by the recipient, something you are unlikely to know with regular SMS texting.

It has been recently revealed that there is a new option buried in the depths of the setting menu that will tell you who you communicate with the most on the platform. At present, it is only found on iOS versions of the service, with it being unknown whether it will be introduced to Android versions of the app.

Furthermore, the app will also let you know how many messages you have sent, as well as ranking your contacts and group messages by the number of interactions you’ve had with them. It is believed that this function was introduced back in June with the aim of informing a user how much space each conversation takes up on your device.

Many messaging services may consider detailing this information as photo-messaging service Snapchat has done for a while, as this has proved to be a popular feature amongst the younger audiences.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which purchased the service in February last year and has over 800 million registered users worldwide.

Alan Littler

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