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What’s Twitter’s “Flocks” all about?


What’s Twitter’s “Flocks” all about?

According to a report from Social Media Today, Twitter is currently developing a new feature called Flocks, which will allow users to share tweets with a select group of people.

As per the report, this news was revealed by a user on Twitter:

According to the screenshots posted, this new option will allow users to select up to 150 other users to add to their exclusive flock. Once a flock is created, people will then have the option of choosing an audience when posting tweets, being able to choose between ‘Everyone’ and their ‘Twitter Flock’. Only those who make it into a flock will able to view and interact with the tweets, and they’ll receive a notice when they see the Tweet to confirm that it is flock-only content. If a user decides they no longer want a person included in their flock, they can be removed without being notified.

The concept of Flocks was first released in July 2021, and at the time, it had the name Trusted Friends. Indeed, it is much like the ‘Close Friends’ story option available on fellow social networking app Instagram, which allows users to share content with a select group of their choosing (albeit only via Instagram Stories, not feed posts). Interestingly, when the Trusted Friends concept was released by Twitter, it appeared that the timeline would display these tweets first, though it is unknown whether this feature has been carried over to Flocks.

Flocks could provide a way for people to provide exclusive, free content to other users, or it could allow people who use their Twitter accounts for both business and pleasure to provide a clearer distinction between the two, sharing more personal tweets with their flock only. However it is used, it seems Twitter is keen to provide more options to, as Social Media Today puts it, partition the Twittersphere, having released several options in the past year that offer non-public tweet options, including Super Followers and private Spaces.

While at the moment, it’s unclear if or when Flocks will be released, it’s certainly a feature worth keeping an eye on. If you need help establishing your business in the social media world, or online in general, our team is here to help at Engage Web. Get in touch today to learn more.

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