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What’s the best way to add video to your website?

What’s the best way to add video to your website?

Video on the Internet is becoming more popular with websites. It is being used for adverts, for instructional videos, for presentations, brand awareness and just for entertainment. Video on the Internet is much easier than creating programmes for television because you don’t need the budget, you don’t need the production facilities and you don’t need the professional crew. Anyone can make their own Internet videos with a camcorder and some editing software, such as Adobe Premiere of Final Cut.

But what is the best way of hosting your videos online? Video files can be very large, so hosting them on your own website uses up your server space, uses up your bandwidth when people watch it, and that can slow your website down.

No, the best way to host your videos online is by using the Google owned YouTube, as everyone from home video fans to major Hollywood studios use YouTube to showcase their videos.

Some reasons YouTube is the best way to host videos are:

  • The hosting is free, you don’t have to pay a penny for it
  • The videos can be embedded directly onto your website
  • The videos can be in high definition if you want them to be
  • YouTube videos can have comments, meaning people can give you feedback

Of course none of these reasons really touch on the most important reason for using YouTube for your videos, and that’s because YouTube already has millions of users, users that can find your website through your videos.

By hosting the videos yourself you’re relying on people finding your website in order to watch them. By using YouTube your videos will show up in YouTube searches, and in Google searches, for the relevant phrases. YouTube videos also show up in Google News now too. This means that potentially hundreds of thousands more people will see your video than they would if it were hosted on your server. Then by optimising the video title and description, and the links within the description, you can ensure your video is seen by more people, who then see your website.

YouTube isn’t just a free video hosting platform, it’s a TV channel with millions of viewers where you can run your videos and adverts for free. Make use of it!

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