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What’s Facebook’s new ‘professional mode’?

Facebook professional

What’s Facebook’s new ‘professional mode’?

Facebook has announced the launch a ‘professional mode’ for profiles.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Twitter, which announced a Professional Profiles option back in April, the new mode will provide creators on Facebook with a new platform to connect with their audiences and discover insights – all from their personal Facebook profile.

In a statement on its blog, Facebook explained that it knows many creators on the platform, especially when they first start out, operate on profiles, not pages. As a result, it made the decision to release professional mode, which it said will:

“Open up access to post, audience and profile insights, as well as give easy access to monetization features – all in one place.”

Those who enable professional mode will get access to several benefits, including the opportunity to earn money from Facebook when they post reels (Meta’s TikTok alternative found on Instagram and, in the US, on Facebook), as well as having access to other monetisation tools and audience and content insights.

In addition, profiles with professional mode active will have their follower setting automatically set to public, meaning anyone can follow the profile and will see posts in their news feeds, providing the posts are shared with the ‘Public’ setting enabled. Professional mode profiles will still be able to share content exclusively with their friends by changing the privacy settings accordingly on their posts.

This will provide people with a way of testing out being a “creator” on Facebook, with the peace of mind that professional mode can be switched off at any point should they change their mind, and it will provide people with yet another way to use social media to make money.

Facebook is currently testing out professional mode with a select group of US-based profiles, with Social Media Today reporting that it will be rolled out in Europe, the Middle East and Africa next year.

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