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Instagram 2016

What were we Instagramming in 2016?

Instagram 2016

What were we Instagramming in 2016?

Without doubt, 2016 was a year of change for popular photo-sharing platform Instagram, and as the year drew to a close, it announced which cities were the most popular on the app, as well as revealing specific destinations.

In June 2016, Instagram managed to reach the 500 million user mark less than 12 months after reaching 400 million. This was not long after the company updated its logo to a much more colourful and vibrant one to replace its older, iconic camera logo. This took many users a long time to get over, but I think it’s safe to say they’ve now adapted.

So, after a year of updates, change and ultimately growth, what did users post on the site?

American news provider CNN revealed a number of lists relating to statistics from the site in a similar way to Google’s annual Trending topics of the year, which was announced in the same month.

CNN showed that the city with the most posts of itself on the platform was New York, which is perhaps not surprising as it’s one of the US’s most iconic cities and is a top destination for tourists from all over. Furthermore, three locations in the Big Apple feature in the list of the most snapped locations.

The UK was represented in the top 10, with the nation’s capital, London, ranking at number two.

The top 10 Instagrammed cities were as follows:

1. New York, New York
2. London, United Kingdom
3. Moscow, Russia
4. São Paulo, Brazil
5. Paris, France
6. Los Angeles, California
7. Saint Petersburg, Russia
8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9. Istanbul, Turkey
10. Jakarta, Indonesia

The top 10 most Instagrammed locations in 2016 were:

1. Disney Theme Parks
2. Universal Studios Theme Parks
3. Central Park, New York City
4. Times Square, New York City
5. Eiffel Tower, Paris
6. Louvre Museum, Paris
7. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas
8. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles
9. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
10. VDNKh, Moscow

CNN’s list was not just restricted to cities and locations, but also mentioned the most snapped museums throughout the world (top of which was the Louvre), and even named the most popular food hashtags on the site (#turkey just pipped #pizza).

Instagram is proving to be one of the most popular apps on the planet right now, and is even a place where tourists head to in order to choose their next holiday destination. It is at the forefront of social media influencing the travel industry and will more than likely continue to grow in 2017.

Alan Littler
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