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What to write about

What to write about

So you’ve read all there is to read about the benefits of adding fresh, unique content to your website regularly and you’ve decided to add a Blog or News section to your website.  It’s time to start writing, but what should you write about?

You’re writing to build the profile of your website and so for many companies it is very tempting to fall into the trap or writing adverts saying how great your services are and even to put a few testimonials in there, but STOP.

Your writing does not have a readership yet and it won’t build one if all you do is write about yourself and how great you are.  You need to give your readers something to read and something to return for.  Alright, in some cases your business or services might not be that interesting and for some businesses they will never build up a readership as such, however, that does not mean that adverts will rank in the search engines because they won’t.

The best thing you can do is write about your industry.  Think about what people want to read about that is relevant to your company’s services or product and think about what they’ll be searching for.  If there is something in the news this week relevant to your industry, then write about it.  You might even be able to get a couple of articles out of it if you write about the different angles or opinions on it.

If your articles are interesting and relevant, then you will also attract links to your website and links help build the popularity of your site, which can only be good news.

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