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What to expect from initial SEO

What to expect from initial SEO

If you’re new to the world of search engine optimisation, the first months of any contact with an SEO firm can be very confusing. The SEO industry is very generous with information, but one of the subjects that is very rarely covered is what, exactly, will happen when you first optimise. This can be unsettling for a business that’s first approaching optimisation.

Different SEO companies will approach optimisation differently, and you can discuss this with us at Stuck On. Most companies will cover similar areas, however, which will usually include the following:

SEO analysis: This is the very first step in any SEO campaign, and often happens before a business has even signed on with a search engine optimisation company. Search engine optimisation companies frequently offer SEO analysis for free, both as an incentive to new clients and as a way for both sides to get a grasp of how much work will be involved. A thorough analysis is taken of the existing website’s traffic, any existing SEO assets, its position in the search engine results pages and other relevant factors, such as previous SEO from another company – which can often have a negative impact.

Keyword research: Search engine optimisation is impossible if you don’t have a list of relevant keywords determined. Keyword research is one of the most important steps in any SEO campaign. It will help you determine what keywords to target and let you know how tough the competition will be. It can also provide you with some information about your target audience, such as what exactly are they searching for?

SEO plan: This is another important stage that needs to take place before any optimisation work begins. You might have an idea of what keywords you want to target and the problem areas of your site, but you also need to plan out what tactics you will use.

The SEO work begins: This stage involves most of the hard work, and is where the real magic happens. After it is complete, expect a few weeks of waiting for results.

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