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What to expect from a social 2015


What to expect from a social 2015

With the new year almost upon us, now is the time to start planning your online marketing efforts for the coming period.

However, while internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) providers may have had a great time in 2014, due to the many emerging trends and innovations that have helped to fuel social media’s development as a quantifiable stream for business this year, it is best not to become too comfortable.

As always, progress marches on, so it is time to familiarise yourself with one or two of the predicted trends for 2015 that can help professionals make the most of their social media efforts:

Go mobile

A trend that has been slowly cooking for years, mobile marketing is set to take off in a big way next year. With people becoming more connected than ever, the need for marketers to reach customers on the go is even more vital.

When it comes to social media, studies have found that around 80% of users now access accounts through a mobile device, with it predicted to hit 90% by 2018.

The rise of LinkedIn

When it comes to professionals online, what was once a fringe option is fast becoming a necessity. LinkedIn, following on from a number of changes that were made to the service during 2014, is set to soon become one of the go-to networks for professionals, especially as around 88% of business-to-business marketers are already said to be on it.

Content is key

Tailored, quality content is only going to improve marketing efforts during 2015. Following on from an emerging trend, especially as the public becomes more tech savvy, making sure your marketing appeals to the right audience can go a long way towards increasing interaction.

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