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What should you share on your business’ social media?

Business scoial media

What should you share on your business’ social media?

So you’ve got social media accounts for your business. You’ve created your Twitter account, your Facebook Page and whatever else you’ve decided to set up to help promote your business online.

Now what?

Well, you could start posting offers about your business every day. You know, something like:

“We do X better than anyone. Speak to us for great prices and great service!”

That’s what some people do on social media. It would be a complete waste of time, of course, as nobody would care. Nobody would follow you. Nobody would read it. Nobody would engage with it and you’d get absolutely no business from it.

Still, it’s what some people do on Twitter and Facebook, believing that’s how you use social media.

You could post about your hobbies and interests. This is quite common too. Maybe you could post photos from your holiday or your kids’ football matches, or tell people about your music interests? It’s not, in any way, relevant to your business and, once again, won’t lead to any new business. Yet, I have also seen this done by people thinking that’s how you run a social media account for a business.

You could posts links to articles and blogs that are related to your business! This is more like it. If you’re a carpet cleaner, you could post links to websites offering advice on getting red wine out of a carpet, or how to remove ground-in dirt, or how to protect your carpet from cat and dog hair. This would be helpful to your followers, who are your potential customers.

The only issue with doing this is that you’re directing people to other websites; you’re sending people somewhere else when they could be sent to your website instead.

Often, websites that feature articles such as this also feature links to businesses offering the services you do. That’s why the articles exist in the first place. Either they’re written by competitors of yours, or they’re on websites that feature adverts for competitors of yours.

Wouldn’t it be better to send people to your website? Wouldn’t it be better to have the relevant content on your website?

If you had this sort of great, useful, content on your own website, you would not only benefit from being able to share the links on your social media, but other people could too. Then, when someone else wanted to share a great article on getting red wine out of carpet (or whatever subject would be relevant to what you do) they could share a link from your website, instead of one from someone else’s.

Don’t be the business that just shares links from other websites on social media, be the business whose website is shared by everyone else.

If you’re not sure how to produce the content for your website, our writers at Engage Web can help you with that. We write thousands of blogs every month for businesses just like yours, to help them get more exposure on social media and on search engines.

Give us a call on 0345 621 4321, or email us using our contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.

Darren Jamieson

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