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What SEO Campaigns Can Learn From Sad Old Rock Stars

What SEO Campaigns Can Learn From Sad Old Rock Stars

Nothing is sadder than old rock’n’roll stars. Really, nothing is. Haven’t you ever noticed? Alice Cooper rocking out in 1975 was impressive, no matter what your fan status was. Alice Cooper attempting to rock in 1989, however, was a bit of a scary sight to see. Just watch the video clip to ‘Poison’ if you want proof.

Rock’n’roll legends, on the other hand, are another thing. David Bowie, Sting, even Mick Jagger – they don’t get quite as sad. Why? They evolve.

There is a lesson in this for all of us, but most of all for the old-schoolers in SEO careers. Instead of hanging on to old forms, the things that used to succeed, there’s a need to evolve.

*Let the past stay past. Badly ageing rock stars look worse because their 1980s hair doesn’t work now. Good search engine optimisation is as much about keeping design and content fresh as it is about anything.

*Check what’s new. Old rockers lose out when they stop listening to new music. Old SEOs lose out when they stop reading new blogs.

*Be open. A few years ago, local search was nothing. Now, having a physical presence in Ellesmere Port may be what it takes to get you noticed in national searches. What didn’t work six months ago may work one day, so be open to it.

SEO isn’t about perfecting your site – it’s about keeping up with the search engines, which change their tactics all the time. Evolve, and survive to rock on.

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