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What on earth is link bait?

What on earth is link bait?

In the often bizarre and mysterious world of writing content with SEO in mind, the term link bait is often referred to by article writers and those who offer article submission services. It sounds catchy and is a phrase that, while it means exactly what it says, may not immediately be easy to grasp in terms of meaning. Link bait is content, in any form but most commonly text, text that has been created with the aim of attracting large numbers of links.

There are many different ways of approaching this goal, possibly only limited by the imaginations of those who have to come up with the ideas. One commonly used tactic, although it could be seen as rather crude, is to produce something that is bound to be controversial, in the hope that people will be shocked and begin arguing about, or rather discussing, it. This can potentially gain a lot of attention for the original creators. Sometimes, rather than creating controversy, people jump on a bandwagon and create content around an established topical subject instead.

Probably the best kind of link bait is an article which is so incredibly useful to its readers that it goes on attracting more and more links simply because it is valued. Here web users are gaining something from the content as well as helping to promote it by linking to it, and such pieces have the potential to keep growing in popularity over a long period of time. It can be well worth employing skilled article writers specifically to create this kind of content.

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