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Tip jar

What is Twitter’s new ‘tip jar’?

Tip jar

What is Twitter’s new ‘tip jar’?

Last week, Twitter announced a new ‘tip jar’ feature, enabling users to support their favourite tweets by sending money as a form of appreciation.

According to a tweet written by Twitter Support, the social network described the feature as an easy way to:

“…support the many amazing voices who add to the conversation.”

The tip jar, only available on mobile devices, is a small icon, visible on a user’s profile, with dropdown options for select payment services, including PayPal and the Cash App. Currently, Twitter is only using select test group participants to receive tips, including journalists, creators and non-profits.

However, the feature has since received criticism from its users, regarding PayPal’s “goods and services” payment options. Security specialist Rachel Tobac highlighted the disclosure of personal information, including email and postal addresses. In a response, PayPal and Twitter announced an update, which informed users that details may be shared when using this new feature. Other concerns include the terms and conditions surrounding journalists accepting money or gifts as a result of their work.

The new feature release comes not long after Twitter’s announcement of its paid ‘Super Follow’ option. These strategic moves strengthens Twitter’s positioning in the online revenue world, stimulating an increase in the desire for sharing content among individuals and businesses.

As of yet, there has been no discussion for when, or if, this feature will be expanded to further members of the social networking community. Nevertheless, Twitter has promised more to come in the future.

Twitter is a great platform businesses can use for online advertising and content creation, and this can only act as an incentive for them to put more into it. If you want advice on content for social media or online advertising, give our team at Engage Web a call – we’d be happy to help!

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